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The link below provides details of Baseball Victoria's proposed league re-structures.

Clubs are required to comment on the Report for Re-Structures by 29 April 2013

PLEASE send us your comments so that we can represent Waverley with a response.

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Jon Kennedy & Wade McConnon
Joint Club Champions

I can't fault the management team of the Waverley Senior Firsts for failing to split our Senior Club Champions for 2012/13 in this instance, and there were other serious contenders besides.

It would have been impossible to overlook the mighty contributions of our No.1 starting pitcher JON KENNEDY who took the ball on most occasions (20 outings), most starts (15 - next most was 5) and innings pitched (90.0 - next most was 58.2). However, far from being a solid "inning eater", the 'Big Unit' also owned a most impressive 4-3, 3.00 ERA record - members of the 'Waverley Nation' who watched our Senior Firsts during the season wouldn't need reminding that he certainly deserved a few more wins and fewer losses. I could stand corrected here, but it is a fair bet that big Jon may be our youngest ever Senior Club Champion as he won't turn 18 until later this year. The unassuming youngster surely hears enough jokes about his height yet, while he needs a pretty high ceiling to stand fully upright, the ceiling on his potential could prove to be even higher! Well deserved Jonny!

Although he is still a young man himself WADE McCONNON obviously assessed the age profile of our Senior Firsts team this season an he realised that he was among the "elder statesmen". Our assistant coach Dave Clarkson could not emphasise enough the role that 'Wadey' played to provide leadership, direction and encouragement to his team mates. Based on our overall results we must conclude that a mature McConnon

did this job brilliantly because the team definitely gave everything to avoid relegation and they probably exceeded most expectations under the circumstances. It is possible that he sacrificed some of his own performance while focussing on his team mates, but he was still a terrific contributor. Aside from a mid-season slump with the bat, Wade started strong offensively and he finished the season even stronger. Pure statistics don't tell the tale in his case because he was often the man to produce the clutch hits for the team at the most crucial times. Moreover, McConnon solidified the team defence when he was shifted to the key short stop role where he captained the infield and hardly put a foot wrong himself.

There are a number of players who deserve special mention for their sterling efforts for the Waverley Baseball Club this season, but his moment belongs to Jon and Wade who were clearly at the forefront of those efforts. As the boys both noted there is a very exclusive list of names on our Club Champion Honour Board and these lads will now forever be listed among them. The 'Waverley Nation' congratulates and thanks them!

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